Jiyao LLC

We, "Jiyao", will create a cultural fusion base and
work with the purpose of "cross-culture business".

Main business content

  • Opened the French restaurant "Oukatei" and became the operating company.(Published twice in the Michelin Guide)
    A building filled with Taisho romance that appears when you go on the stone pavement when you are greeted by cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, the house name is "Oukatei".
    It is a garden designed by the gardener "Mirei Shigemori", who is known for gardens such as Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto, and the only surviving garden in Hiroshima city is "Oukatei".
    The name of the store is also called "Mirei Shigemori".
  • Operates the tea ceremony of each school in the attached tea room. Produce fusion with French.
  • Produced by performances of well-known artists in Tokyo and training of young young musicians in Hiroshima.
    Held an event at "Oukatei Presents". In addition, the classical performing arts “Rakugokai” has already been counted six times, and embarks on traditional entertainment such as “Genji Mai” .
  • Produced Oukatei Bridal. Operates and conducts its own "tea ceremony".
    A fusion of traditional culture and French is born.
  • Manufacturing and sales of Gateau (baked confectionery). Manufacture and sale of Western cakes (Christmas Cake).
    We are also focusing on gluten-free products. Sold at Tokyo (TAU), Prince Hotel, Rest House, etc.

Company Profile

■Business name: Jiyao LLC
■Representative: Representative employee Tadafumi Okamoto
■Location: 3-9-17 Nagatsukanishi, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
■Phone number: (082) 239-1000
■Capital: 3 million yen
■Industry: Restaurant "Oukatei" management, teahouse management, bridal, event production, baked confectionery production sales, etc.
■Employees: 4 people (including contract employees)


November 1959 "Oukatei" is born under the supervision and naming of the gardener "Mirei Shigemori", who is known for gardening at Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto. Two years ago, In order to visit the birthplace of the Ueda Soko school, which is well-known as one of the leading samurai tea ceremony, Mirei Shigemori, a representative gardener in the Showa period, was on the way to climbing Mt. Invited to visit the Okamoto family. During a conversation with the owner, I decided to build a Japanese garden and tea room that made use of the old trees.
January 1960 The Omotesenke teacher Sumie Okamoto held the first tea ceremony in the first pot, and since then 50 tea ceremony students have started various tea parties.
April 1968 People other than tea ceremony people have come to visit because tea ceremony is held one after another according to each season and time, such as the cherry blossom viewing tea ceremony, evening dance, morning tea, etc.
April 1983 After the death of Sumie Okamoto, not only the tea party, but also the "Kou no Kai", "Handmade Soba Demonstrations", "Calligraphy Demonstrations and Works", and "Koto Various events such as "Koto and tea party", "Koto and calli banquet", "Pop music and Japanese fusion" are held.
September 2009 Preparations started with the aim of establishing a new company with the concept of "Oukatei" as a "culture of succession" rather than "culture of ownership".
May 21, 2010 Established a Jiyao LLC in 3-9-17 Nagatsukasai, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima City, with the basic policy of spreading Japanese traditional culture to the world. Tadafumi Okamoto becomes the representative employee.
In the same year, a field for transmitting food culture was established in order to constantly transmit culture. "Oukatei", the name of the tea room, is registered as the name of the building. Opened the French restaurant "Oukatei" where you can have a tea party, and become a management company.
May 2011 We plan and produce various events at "Oukatei". In particular, the bridal planning that incorporates the "tea wedding ceremony" that makes the most of the tea room was featured in various magazines and attracted attention.
July 2011 Oukatei Tei official website is sent. Appeared in each TV medium.
2012-2013 "Oukatei" is the only magazine featured in the Chugoku-Shikoku and Kyushu areas in the magazine "Jalan" "A little luxury trip".
It is also featured in many other media magazines.
May 24, 2013 It will be published in the Michelin Guide Hiroshima version.
2013-2016 Madeleine made and sold using French bread roll butter at "Oukatei". Similarly, Campagne fluffy is also manufactured and sold. Christmas cake production sale (currently limited production sale continues).
From 2014 With the event title "Oukatei Presents", we perform a DINER LIVE by a quarterly cycle mainly by musicians who are active in Tokyo. At the same time, train young musicians in Hiroshima.
Traditional arts “Rakugo” meetings are also held twice a year.
From 2016 Engage in bridal-related activities. Produced the unique "tea ceremony" of "Oukatei".
2017 Another brand, "Le Pain De Oukatei", is trial production and sale of bread and pastry. Routing with the confectionery and bread industry.
February 2018 Started full-scale sales of Western confectionery (Gateau) under the "Oukatei" brand. Opened stores for various events. Selected as a JCB "Gourmet Benefit".
April 23, 2018 Published in the Michelin Guide Hiroshima-Ehime edition, published for the first time in 5 years.
June 2nd, 3rd, 2018 Selected as a "Hiroshima Premium Restaurant" sponsored by the Hiroshima Prefecture Commerce and Industry Labor Department, and held a "Feast of Food". 60 participants.
July 2018 The bread department has been progressively eliminated, and the focus has been concentrated on the "Gateau"-based confectionery workshop.
November 2018 Opened at 47 Club. Alliance start with Chugoku Shimbun.
May 2019 10th anniversary of foundation. Entering the 10th term of "Joint company Jiyao", we have developed a 10th anniversary business for a total of 10 years.
December 2019 Gateau starts selling at Hiroshima brand shop "TAU"
January 2020 Start of Gateau sales at Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima
July 2020 Start selling Gateau at Hiroshima City Rest House